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David W. Boggan Certified Arborist,  licensed Landscape Horticulturalist, Landscape Planter, Ornamental and Turf Pest Control Supervisor (OTPS),in Birmingham, AL
David W. Boggan Member of International Society of Arboriculture # 160158 Certified Arborist
David W. Boggan ISA Certified Arborist #SO-5270A Arborist in Birmingham Alabama
Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!
Landscaping Company
"By Far the best lawn service I have had in 29 years! David is honest and reliable, knows horticulture and produces the best yard in the neighborhood for me!"

 Dr. Jamie Odrezin - Vestavia
"My husband and I are so glad we found THMS to take care of our lawn needs. We used a well known company for years and the condition of our lawn steadily grew worse. THMS took over and the difference in only one year is amazing. Excellent service and results from THMS." 

Mrs. Barbra Grill 

Finally have a lawn care service that can answer your questions... and will even take the time.  The smart choice for your tree and shrub care needs.  We offer you expert solutions for ornamental tree or shrub selection and planting that is sure to be a perfect compliment to your landscape. 

A Smaller, Friendlier, more Personal Choice... What Would it Take for You Not to Want This?

With a dedication to expertise and client service; you will notice we are different. We focus on quality service not quantity. A local veteran owned and operated small business that cares about you the client.  

Your tree, shrubs, and lawn are an investment.  Your landscape changes as it matures You should expect proper management and advice as it grows and develops. This will help ensure the long term health, beauty, and return on that investment. 
Everything You Need For That Professional Look
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Tree and Horticultural Management Services (THMS) focuses on professional, courteous, and personal service. 

  • Enjoy a Healthy, Vibrant, Lawn and Landscape.
  • Know the Job is Being Done Correctly - The First Time.
  • 17 Years Experience - Service You Can Trust.
  • Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business.

With a licensed Landscape Horticulturalist, Landscape Planter, Ornamental and Turf Pest Control Supervisor (OTPS), and I.S.A. Certified Arborist on staff ; have the peace of mind knowing you're getting competent, professional attention you want and expect.
                              Landscape Services:
Lawn Care Service                   
Soil Analysis                              
Insect Control                           
Lime Application                      
Shrub Pruning                          
Arborist Tree Services:
Tree Consultation                     
Tree Planting     
Tree Safety Inspections    
Insect / Disease Control          
Tree Nutrients Applied           

Save That Tree...Get a Second Opinion - Yell (call 854-3676) Before You Fell (cut Down).
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Tree and Shrub Care       
Weed Control                           
Disease Control                       
Shrub Planting
Tree Growth Control
Sick Tree Help
Vista View Protection
Compacted Soil Relief
Tree Pruning
Stop The Helpless Fustration - We Respect and Value You and Your Business.
Do you have a sick tree and need a qualified professional to evaluate your tree(s)?
You need an opinion from someone who dosen't make money from the trees removal. Have a Certified Arborist trained to evaluate trees for hazardous conditions and tree problems such as insect or disease infestations. We don't fell (cut down) trees; no conflict of interest. 
By David W. Boggan

Call us before you remove that tree.
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270 Doug Baker Blvd. 700-321
ISA Certified Arborist #SO-5270A
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
David W. Boggan - ISA Certified Arborist and Licensed Horticulturalist
"We tried the national "Big Brand" lawn care services that turned out to be a "Big Rip-Off". We had more weeds, some thin grass, and wasted our money. When we switched to David; we quickly realized we had an expert when he took a soil sample on his first visit. Since then; we have had no weeds, and a lush, thick, healthy lawn. We're highly satisfied!"

Mr. Mike Largent - Vestavia
If You Choose The Wrong Lawn Care or Tree Service Tomorrow; How Much Agony and Wasted Money Will it Cost You? Here is a Guaranteed Way to Be Sure This Won't Happen to You.

My Guarantee

I understand the difficulty of selecting a competent, reliable, anyone for a needed serviceI have the same dilemma looking for an accountant, electrician, plumber, and so on. We all have probably been burned by someone in the past and never want that sick feeling of knowing we just wasted our money or even worse -  "ripped off".

My Guarantee to you is this:

Try my lawn or shrub care service for 90 days and if you legitimately feel that I'm not professional, didn't treat you with respect, and failed to provide you with the service and results expected; I will gladly refund you your money.


Try one of our tree services and if I'm not professional, failed to address your tree(s) needs, didn't treat you with respect, or failed to provide you with the service and results expected; I will gladly refund you your money.

I live or die in business by the end results. I'm certainly not perfect but I believe I can make a difference. 

"We have a 20 something year old cherry tree in our yard that was hit by a car. A large section of the tree's bark was taken off by the car. Since we were very worried that we could lose the tree, we called David Boggan. His knowledge and professionalism was very apparent from the start. It was comforting hearing from David what needed to be done and that our tree could possibly be saved. David is continuing to treat our tree and we are more confident now that our tree will make it. We were also very impressed with how courteous and punctual David was on his service visits. We would highly recommend David to anyone that needs a professional!"
Mrs. Shannon Barrow - Hoover