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Specimen Tree and shrubs
Have that graceful, elegant ornamental that is sure to draw admiring looks.
Looking for a single specimen tree or maybe a grouping of shrubs to highlight your landscape? There are many options but what is the best choice for your landscape? Proper plant selection and planting are the foundation to a healthy, beautiful tree or shrub. This  gives you long term enjoyment; as well as; a return on your investment by increasing your property value.

Only the very best ornamental tree or shrubs are selected from high quality growers. We personally go to the nursery/farm and hand select every tree or shrub. An emphasis is placed on the form and structure of each plant. Attention to the health and aesthetics of each plant is reviewed before selection.

We genuinely take all necessary steps to properly prune for any slight corrections in the form of the plant. An Emphasis is placed on planting the ornamental tree or shrubs correctly. All plants come with a 30 month guarantee.  

These Ornamental(s) are in demand secure yours today.
While you still can; go ahead and book your tree or shrubs today. There is a tendency to exhaust the available supply and not every ornamental meets our standard and will not be selected. It is disappointing to tell potential clients that they must wait until next year.

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