Fertilizer is one of the most expensive products in a lawn care program. Some lawn care services try to be cost completive by using cheap fertilizers. High quality fertilizers can cost 2 or 3 times more and have significant advantages over cheap, low grade fertilizers. 

Low cost fertilizers release nitrogen quickly which is partially taken up by the lawn. What isn't taken up is wasted and is more prone to nitrogen run-off or leaching into your ground water supply. If not properly water in after application these fertilizers will burn your lawn causing orange brown spots to appear all over your lawn. Low grade fertilizers can also burn your annual flowers or ornamental shrubs. 

Cheap fertilizers promote rapid growth of the lawn. The inordinate amount of grass growth can cause more insect and disease infestations, additional water requirements, and excessive grass clippings. The end result is more money actually spent for cheap fertilizers and a lawn that is greenish brown for 2-3 days after each mowing because all the green growth was mowed out of the lawn due to the rapid growth of lawn.

Tree and Horticultural Management Services uses high quality fertilizers in our lawn care programs. The benefits of high quality slow release fertilizers are:

  • No growth surge which eliminates the need to bag clippings or double cut lawn.
  • No worries about mowing the green out of your lawn with regularly scheduled mowings.
  • Greatly reduces the potential of nitrogen runoff or leaching into ground water. Best option for the local environment.
  • Longer slow release of nitrogen that provides a even and consistent dark green lawn with no lime green periods between fertilizer applications.
  • Lawn uses less water.
  • Lawn less prone to insect and disease problems.
  • Lawn is healthier due to the form of nitrogen available to the turfgrass which promotes a thicker, tighter lawn.
  • Very low burn potential. So no orange areas in lawn due to fertilizer not being watered in effectively. No ornamental shrub or annual flowers damaged by fertilizer.
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Damage to lawn caused by insect and disease infestations.
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1. Professionalism - Have the peace of mind knowing you have a Licensed Horticulturalist managing your lawn. No more concerns if the lawn application was applied correctly. No constant new person; who you have never met; showing up to treat your lawn. Expertise to properly identify and treat insect or disease problems.

2. High Quality - The products selected are very important in the final overall results of your lawns color and weed control. Cheap fertilizer can cause insect and disease problems, require more (water) irrigation, and burn your lawn if not properly watered after application.

This lawn care program addresses these issues with quality slow release fertilizers. These fertilizers will not burn your lawn; so if you are out of town for a few day's; there is no concern of fertilizer burn. The weed control products are selected for performance and safety in mind.

3. Client Service - Your business is important and not taken for granted. It is a priority to perform the lawn care service you have entrusted us to accomplish. Being a small business; our entire existence is based on client satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied; we don't deserve your business.

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Why High Quality Fertilizers 
Are Good For Your Lawn and Environmentally Responsible.
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Cheap fertilizer can cause you headaches and additional money.
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