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 What is Plant Health Care?
Tree and Shrub Care from a Certified Arborist
A Plant Health Care program is a management plan for your ornamental tree and shrubs. Unlike many other tree and shrub care services that focus only on spraying pesticides.

The purpose of a plant health care program is to protect your landscape investment by incorporating a professional management plan. 

A plant health care program focuses on keeping plants healthy and not just preventing insects and disease problems. 

While insect and disease treatment and prevention are important; plant health can be affected by environmental stresses, soil compaction, unsound horticultural practices, plant physiology, and other factors. 

You can't correct these problems simply by spraying pesticides. The whole landscape is taken into consideration along with your specific ornamental plants.

Lace bug feeding on azalea
A Plant Health Care Program Monitors for Insect and Disease Pest.
Lace Bug Feeding on Underside of Shrub - Birmingham AL

A plant health care program will help provide you with a healthy, vibrant landscape.

 A key conponent of this program involves monitoring visits by a certified arborist and scheduled treatments customized for your landscape needs. 

This allows a more aesthetically pleasing landscape for your enjoyment, augments the value of your home, and helps prevent the high cost of replacing ornamental plants that die, or look stunted and inferior. 

The applications are timed to address and meet the needs of your ornamentals at that particular time of year.

Please call today for a free, no obligation plant health care estimate.  A certified arborist will inspect your landscape, diagnose any problems, and make recommendations for a Plant Health Care Progran for your ornamental tree and shrubs. 

There are various options availiable. We can customize a plan to meet your needs and budget from managing specific ornamental plants, small landscapes, to large estates.
Lace Bug Damage to Shrubs in Birmingham AL
Damaged caused by Lace bug infestation.
Damage to Shrubs Caused By Leaf Spot Disease
Leaf Spot Disease on Hygrangea
  Who should prune your       ornamental tree or shrubs?

     Proper pruning is becoming an lost ability. It has been replaced by gas powered shears. Shearing is needed for hedges but not every ornamental shrub on your property.

        Shearing can damage shrubs and destroy the natural shape and beauty of the plant. Box squares and round meatballs are not how shrubs should be shaped. Don't allow someone to slowly destroy your ornamentals; just to spend lots of $$ to have them replaced; then have the process begin all over again. 

It's  horticultural dyslexia

It's important to prune at the proper time. Many ornamentals are unknowingly pruned at the wrong time of year. This  greatly reduces flowering blooms... one of the main reasons you have that particular shrub(s).

Improper pruning can lead to thin, leggy plants, that are inferior, distasteful, and will never become that beautiful landscape you envisioned.

Choose Carefully Who You Allow to Prune

Please... choose a qualified individual to prune your trees. Once pruning cuts are made to trees ....it's final. Select someone that is knowlegeable about pruning for proper structure and pruning techniques.

A homeowner can invest tens of thousands of dollars in a landscape. You want to protect this investment.

          Properly maintained landscapes will increase the value of your home. Many times a well planned landscape is neglected or mismanaged. Steps are not taken to address the landscape as it matures.

Invest in your landscape

         Wisely consider who you allow to walk around on your property pruning your tree and shrubs. Invest in your landscape's long term health and beauty by hiring a professional to prune. 

A certified arborist can professionally prune your ornamental tree and shrubs, make recommendations to address your landscapes needs as it transitions through different stages of growth and maturity.
Disease in Cherry Tree
Early leaf drop of Cherry Tree due to disease.
Japanese Beetles Feeding on Knock Out Rose Shrub

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